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Mobile apps

Digital eAdviser.

To implement and combine existing agricultural applications into a single mobile app where the users will be able to access everything on the palm of their hands. We also had to integrate multiple weather measuring services and manage user subscriptions and alarms so the end-users can be notified about weather changes.

Used techonologies:

  • Angular
  • Nativescript

Web apps

Be responsible with eTurtle web app.

We already had all the needed features with the mobile app, but why not round out the entire citizen science information system with eTurtle web app? We designed and developed this beautiful app with thoughts on responsiveness and usability on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Used techonologies:

  • Angular
  • Node.js

Web sites

BWI web site.

When you are dealing with such a great team as scientists from the Blue World Institute, the final result is promising. We designed and developed this site for BWI to help them raise their voice about the importance of conserving animal species and the environment.

Used techonologies:

  • Wordpress

Enterprise backends

Agrivi 360.

Our responsibility was to engineer AGRIVI 360, an advanced FMS designed for comprehensive farm management. The platform integrates map-based views with budgeting capabilities and syncs in real-time with external weather, machinery, and satellite imagery providers. AGRIVI 360 offers a unified solution to facilitate smarter, more efficient agricultural practices.

Used techonologies:

  • Angular
  • .NET Core
  • Nativescript
  • Vue
  • JQuery
  • SQL Server
  • MariaDB

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UI & UX Design
Remote contracting

What our clients say about us

First I want to say "They are great". I was very glad to work with them on this very big project where you needed to have multiple full stack dev teams that can solve the problem and present user friendly solutions. MashDog guys excelled in every aspect. They showed a high level of technical expertise and excellent communication skills and furthermore, they were there when we needed to push. We were constantly in contact and that kind of cooperation helped us transform our ideas into an even better product than we initially hoped for. In any project you need dev teams to work with business analysts and solution architects, not to strictly demand detailed definition and not budge an inch. You need sinergy to produce fast and have a well tested product, and on the other hand, adapt to change quickly and efficiently. We had that with MashDog. The end product that we received was always well tested and user-friendly. I would say that working with them was well balanced in terms of friendliness and professionalism and that led to a really healthy work environment. In the end I just want to repeat my first statement: "They are great".

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