Meet the team

Success begins with the right people on board. We want to believe in you, your vision and your team. We're passionate about our projects, and we want to be just as passionate about yours.

We are strategic design and development agency based in Zagreb. We are specialised in mobile apps, web apps, web sites and enterprise backends. With our team of six, we combine beautiful and user friendly design with bulletproof coding and stellar service. We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy and craft.

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CEO and founder of MashDog, inspiring leader, next president of the world. There is probably no situation in software development that he has not encountered and successfully resolved. From software developer to software architect position, had oportunity to develop and design everything from the smaller projects to big enterprise business systems.


.NET, C#, Angular, Node.js, Android, SQL Server, Flutter

Robert | TEAM LEAD

Passion and thoroughness to be the best technically possible version of himself. Frontend and backend wizzard and always the best support to clients. You name it, he will be it. Maturity and freshnes doesn't go along? Well try to tell that to him, you can't be more mature when it comes to technical details and can't have that much energy, dedication and passion to deliver the best possible solution.


.NET, C#, Angular, Node.js, Android, SQL Server, Azure, Native Script, Wordpress, MySQL, Photoshop


With us from the very beginning, a valuable member of our team. Full stack developer who has the knowledge to do the whole project from start to finish. A team player we can always rely on but also a person who can get stuck and do it alone. From frontend to server development to taking requests from clients, he has all the experience on its side.


.NET, C#, Angular, React, SQL Server


The newest member of our team came and took on responsibilities as if he had been with us from the beginning. Full stack developer, he covers everything we work on from the server to frontend development and in addition custom Wordpress development. Great guy, great energy, team player everything you ask for.


.NET, C#, Angular, SQL Server, Wordpress, mySQL


Our design hope, you have an idea in your head but then he does it much better. That is the essence of a designer, and that is why we love him. Always offer better than you expect. It covers everything from mobile app, web app, web site design all the way to social network design. Do you need more? He covers all that our clients need.


UI&UX design, Mobile app design, Web app design, Web site design, Social network design

Two ways of working with us

Software Product Development

You have a startup, you know your ideal customers and you have a vision of your product? Just hop on our ship, we will guide you every step of the way and deliver the solution tailored to your specific needs. Developing a digital product from scratch can be challenging. That's why we work hand in hand and help you every step of the way. From the discovery phase in which we evaluate the idea and set the development direction, to the UX & UI design and development of the software product itself - we bring your ideas to life.

Dedicated Team

What is a dedicated team? It is a team of software development and design experts, dedicated to one client. The team will be 100% dedicated to you and the project, working from our office in Croatia and traveling to your premises if needed. Working with a Dedicated Team is the best choice for a long-term project. Also you can undertake this approach if you are unable to find qualified experts locally. If your needs vary we can arrange variable number of people. For example: from two to four team members depending on the phase of the project, we got it all covered for you and your project.

10+ Projects done
2 Doing business in 2 countries
50% Annual growth

Want to work with us? Feel free to contact us at any time!

We are designing and developing complete IT systems solutions from start to finish. Share your idea with us, we will give you an advice, design your idea, and finally develop a product that will make you happy. We are just hungry for new technologies and always ready to give a bit more, to deliver a great product.